11 Jan

After having announced an eighth installment in the Silent Hill franchise at E3 2010, Konami has finally revealed new details regarding the game via February’s issue of Game Informer. The game has been confirmed to be titled Silent Hill: Downpour, under development at Czech studio Vatra Games. Konami stated that it will revert some of the changes that were introduced in the most recent installment, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, back to the way they were earlier in the franchise. The player-controlled camera will be replaced with a fixed-position camera, but in certain situations, the perspective will change to an over-the-shoulder camera as found in Silent Hill: Homecoming.

Furthermore, Brian Gomez, the design director at developer Vatra Games, has stated that the game will feature side-quests, with the way players handle these optional missions supposedly also affecting the story at later points in the game. The element of water, featured prominently by means of the eponymous and ever-present rain in the town of Silent Hill, will apparently form a major plot device within the game.

According to Gomez, the game will feature Murphy Pendleton, an escaped prisoner, as the main character, with the events taking place in the southern part of Silent Hill. The game will not feature classic locations such as a hospital or a school, and the story will have no connection to previous installment in the series. Other details have been confirmed from Game Informer scans, including; Akira Yamaoka will not return as a sound designer, the ability to knock objects over to impede enemy progress returns as combat is more on avoidance and fleeing than direct confrontation, there will be no weapon inventory, weapons will weaken and break over time, the town’s Subway will act as a transportation hub, the campaign is estimated at 10 hours, and Quick Time Events will play a significant part in boss encounters.

Silent Hill: Downpour is expected to be released some time later this year, but a specific release date has not yet been provided.

“Silent Hill the town is the star of the show,” said Gomez. “So we see Silent Hill as the only consistent character across the whole series. It’s really about who you plug into it.”

One thought on “Silent Hill: Downpour Detailed”

  1. Very nice putting up the mag. That’s the spirit!

    Mixed feelings about it. On one hand, the guys making the game are eastern europeans, the wonky controls are back and so is the fixed camera. On the other, QTEs. Couldn’t they just do without the QTEs and the “action”? I never got why Silent Hill even has boss fights. They’re so pointless and annoying.

    Any i never get why devs hate backtracking. It’s awesome to be able to look at what you’ve been through in a different light, be it in a rusted, weird, what-the-f*ck-is-going-on kind of way or revisiting those tormentors, now with ten levels more under your belt and a fistful of ownage.

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