27 Jan

Tecmo KOEI has released a new trailer for their 3DS game Dead or Alive Dimensions. The trailer showcases the stage based on Metroid: Other M during a fight between Kasumi and Ryu Hayabusa. Team Ninja stated that Samus will not be a playable character in the game, but will appear at times to help the player.

They have also launched the teaser site for DoA Dimensions. It can be viewed here.

3 thoughts on “Tecmo KOEI Launches DoA Dimensions Teaser Site and a New Trailer”

  1. I think it is stupid to not have Samus as a playable character. They had a female spartan playable in DoA4, so why shouldn’t Samus be playable. I know people who will not buy this as they teased Samus, but will only make her an assist character. The game would probably sell a whole lot better if they made Samus playable. Teasing people is not a good way to build a good reputation, especially if it is with something people love.

  2. This looked pretty good, but I’m not really a DOA fan (not really a 3D fighting guy). Still, good stuff for the 3DS.

  3. This actually looks pretty intriguing, although I’m not really feeling how the game is based off the DoA4 engine. And I agree with Keck – not including Samus as a playable character is gonna make a lot of potential buyers otherwise unhappy.

    Still, it’s not enough to get me to buy any kind of DS.

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