17 thoughts on “The Elder-Geek.com 2010 Game of the Year Awards”

  1. Good choices. Just a few suggestions for next year:

    Add a multiplatform category, so the platform categories become about exclusives for the most part (unless those exclusives aren’t good).

    Justify all of your nominees, cause it just feels dead just nominating a bunch of games and then justifying the winner. I know where you guys are coming from, but it is nice to know why they are nominated.

    Those two things would make your GOTYs much better, especially seeing a particular sites award and the backlash that ensued from them.

    On the SC2 note, well you shouldn’t be jaded, as they basically just told you there are expansions planned like the first one had and other series that Blizzard has made (as a PC gamer, you should know this is standard and not a big deal, as SC2 benefits from being split up in three).

    Man these awards have been some of the best out there that I have seen, especially with the Downloadable and Shooter game (should be split up down the road with all the titles coming out, and can’t forget about smups). The awards were close and I liked that.

    This year looks like you will have to create more categories and that means more videos (not a bad thing at all). Categories for next year include: Best Fighter and Best Third Person Shooter. This year is going to be insane with the amount of games being released, and the 3DS’ launch line up (looks to be one of the best that I have ever seen).

    Keep up the good work, and the awards were very self respecting to the staff and readers/watchers.

  2. Awesome vid… I already knew what the nominees and winners were going to be, but I never could have imagined the video to turn out this amazing 😉 Also, this vid reminded me once again how for video game music has come over the years, with fantastic OSTs playing in the background during the nominations! Additional kudos for putting in a song from Halo 😉

  3. Saddened that my vote didn’t push Alan Wake into getting an award, but man our fans are awesome. Got to be the award video on youtube with the least amount of haters.

  4. Meh at ME2 winning RPG category. It’s a mediocre shooter, an uninspired RPG and it barely strays from the Bioware formula. I’ll never tire of saying this. Maybe everyone will see the light in a few years, just how they did when they did with MGS4 :)

      1. Short answer: New Vegas, undisputed, no runner-up.

        Long answer:

        I think that ambition is more worthy of an award than production values, which is all that ME2 has going for it. The cutscenes are awesome, the graphics mindblowing, the epicness palpable, blah blah. Good stuff for an action game, maybe, or whatever, but an RPG’s strength lies with its story and its RPG mechanics, which ME2 plain simply does without. It’s a corridor shooter with dialogues leading to the shooting.

        New Vegas does Fallout in 3D, which is crazy, given the size of the thing. It probably has the most complicated quests in any RPG, ever. And it has a lot of them, too. Tied up with each other and with the faction system. Not a thing of all that is overly difficult to develop but it is to design and it works pretty well. Obsidian grabbed Fallout 3 and did exactly what they had to do. They enhanced it and turned it into a game that feels like made by grownups, even if most people are just gonna blast everyone’s face off.

        Alpha Protocol was great on C&C and had a good character system and i personally loved it, but it stumbles too much and took too long to develop to deserve a reward. It deserves a nice kick in the balls for failing. Try again and do it right next time.

        I’d love that the stat-based game genre existed as such so we didn’t have to compare Baldur’s Gate with Diablo or Final Fantasy.

      1. I liked ME2 as well. I love how hot and badass my Shepard looks. I’d mod a Mordin sex scene into it if i had the willpower. Still, it’s a TERRIBLE game.

        1. That must be why I’ve played it 3 times in the last year then. Really the only major complaint I have about the game is the horrendous mining system.

          True the RPG mechanics are a bit on the shallow side, but they work. I think they sacrificed some of that depth to create a more relatable and immersive experience. I don’t know about you but I think pie charts and stat crunching kind of takes me out of the experience, they’re good for strategy games, But RPG’s streamline them out.

          1. There’s barely any RPG mechanics in Mass Effect 2. The stats you have in the game have the same effect are as character shifting as CoD MP’s perks. Quests are usually very straightforward with few ways to solve them, usually consisting of picking which way out of a bunch of dialogue options (clearly declared as “good” and “bad” choice by color blue and red). The plot is weak and your influence in it minimal. C&C? A few emails and a blank slate. Yo Ashley? Sorry but this is another game and i have err..intimacy issues…could you please just disappear after this one cutscene? Thanks.

            I doubt Planescape: Torment would’ve been more immersive if it didn’t have an inventory or a stat for your intelligence or wisdom.

    1. That is Will Strouse from 8bitX.com. Tenchux also did the intro music.

      I would have gladly tossed in a credit to them both in the video, but as you can see, the video butted up to the 15 minute mark on YouTube.

  5. You guys snubbed my favorite platformer of the year… VVVVVV. If you haven’t played it, go do it, NOW!

    All the other awards are completely fair and warranted.

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