6 thoughts on “Two Worlds 2 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Spoof”

  1. Well the lines could have been delivered a bit better, but that was entertaining. I caught the very obvious Indiana and Monty Python references, and I could swear that last inventory screen was a reference to LoTR (all the rings and the hat). Would be nice to know what all the other references through the game are.

  2. Wow… I always like it when games reference other games or films, but this borders on being pretty lame. And I’m pretty sure the inventory screen was indeed a LOTR refence, seeing as the boots were called “Strider Boots.” That one was a nice touch, but I think the Indiana Jones one was dragged on a little bit too much.

  3. Can’t blame them for trying but the Monty Python bit saved their 4sses. Fallout 2 was better at it, though.

    But what’s with the green filter?

    1. The green filter was for a “flashback” or something. It’s not explained very well. It’s sort of a vision you get as you are on the “Last Crusade” side quest.

      Neither of the Indiana Jones Character nor his father were my character. My character was the one holding the torch.

      There’s also a Magic the Gardening side quest…

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