6 thoughts on “Two Worlds 2 Video Review”

  1. Oh there is a spider, and it looks real; Zky isn’t going to be happy.

    I kinda want to play this game just for the references in the dialogue, and probably messing with the magic system a bit.

      1. I don’t doubt that the spiders are awesome. I am just saying that Zky might just avoid this game unless he can skin them to look less like real spiders.

        1. Frankly, the blatantly generic high fantasy setting annoys me more than those silly looking spiders. It also sounds like they copied Oblivion right down to the zombie AI and zombie dialogue. Huh, maybe those areas shared the same programmer.

          Butchering dinosaurs sounds like a high point, though.

          In relation to my phobia, texture isn’t as important as mesh and animation and context for me, so i could paint it like Barney the dinousaur (waddya know? it stayed with me…score another one for dinosauricide, pardon my spanglish) and it wouldn’t make a difference. Moddin’ them out’s the only way.

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