28 Jan

This past Monday, the bill H.R. 400 was introduced to the House of Representatives by Joe Baca of California (pictured above). If passed, the bill would mandate warning labels – similar to the ones found on cigarette boxes – on video games deemed likely to influence aggressive behavior. The bill was previously introduced in 2009, but didn’t make it past the sub-committee stage. While the exact text of the bill has yet to be released to the public, if Baca’s past initiatives are any indication, games rated T (for Teen) or higher will carry a warning  label along the lines of “WARNING: Excessive exposure to violent video games and other violent media has been linked to aggressive behavior.”

4 thoughts on “US Representative Re-Introduces Game Warning Label Bill”

  1. Well this should be over looked again, as it is too vague and there is no solid scientific evidence that video games will make you overly violent. See, then the same warning label should be applied to books, movie, and TV shows as music already has a similar label. This is just government sticking their heads where they don’t need to. They should work on building us some faster rail ways and fixing streets and not worrying about video games.

  2. I thought this was already proven false… violent video games to create a reaction in the person playing, but calling it aggressive behavior is a bit rediculous. Hell, every game of monopoly I have ever played usually ends in aggressive behavior.

    1. Korne, this is the US government, where most of the people do not want to know what a video game are, and believe they are a waste of time. A lot of those representatives have not played a video game, so they think they are bad and do these kind of things. Also ridiculous is how it is spelled and not rediculous.

      1. But what is really ridiculous is that my mom played a video game for 7 years of her life without realizing it… video yahtzee.

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