17 thoughts on “What Video Game Series Would You Like to See Come Back?”

  1. I gotta agree with that Mahoney fella: death to remakes/reimaginations/reboots.

    More than come backs, i’d like their actual comebacks not to be so terrible. Games like Parasite Eve and Front Mission both turned third person shooters is an abomination. Silent Hill’s the same. Max Payne is so likely to be horrible. New Contra Hard Corps is anime. Ugh.

    Still, if i had to choose one, i’d like a new Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 game. I’d like it to be called Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2-2, Square style, and for it to have about three times the original game’s content. I don’t want a story mode, i don’t want to be able to get off the skateboard, no new graphics, NO BAM MARGUERA, just more stuff. Maaaaybe an updated mesh for Spiderman.

      1. Oh, nice.

        Actually, i think Legacy of Kain was done right ’till the very end. Sure, ups and downs and i didn’t even play all of them, but i felt satisfied with the ending in Defiance. I only played Soul Reaver 1&2 and Def, so i may be missing out on some things.

        Tenchu: YES.

        Says a lot of the game industry that their “elders” can’t think of many good old games that haven’t been rebooted/remaked/sequelized. All i can think of is fixing the reboot disasters of late.

        1. I would also go with Legacy of Kain, it sort of had a cliff hanger ending, and one more game is needed to see if Kain re balances the pillars or dooms the world yet again.

          1. You think so? I’d rather have an ambiguous ending in which the player picks either one or the other and there are no wrong answers. Something like what Inception would’ve been if it were half a second shorter.

  2. Gauntlet. There was a DS game in the works but that eventually got scrapped. I was looking forward to some good old dungeon crawling, especially with friends over wifi. I hope they could bring that to the 3DS but that is just my hopes.

    Above all though, I really want a new Bubble Bobble game. I know about Bubble Bobble Plus and the extra levels, but I kinda want the next one to be portable. I do not know how many quarters I have spent in the last year on that arcade machine and would have spent more if some things didn’t go down (the store is still there, but the arcade isn’t).

    Oh, and Ubisoft, make Beyond Good & Evil 2 already. I will purchase the HD version on PSN (although I have it on PC) just to show you that people are interested in that series.

  3. Here is one out of left field… Xenosaga. The only reason I say this is because Namco seriously screwed the pooch with the 3 (suppose to be 5) game prequel to Xenogears, and after the first Xenosaga, completely gave up on tying the series together.

    I would always be up for a new Frequency/Amplitude, or maybe another (better) attempt at Ring of Red.

    1. Xenosaga 2 was a let down. I forced myself through it. But Xenosaga 3 was quite good. Actually, it was much better than 1 and 2 combined. The only sad part was

      1. It was edited for American audiences, so there were parts that just DIDN’T make sense.


      2. The story felt really rushed. They should have savored it. But they didn’t.

      Oh well.

      1. Xenosaga 3 is done/supervised by the couple that made Xenogears, so that’s why it’s the good one.

        Only Xenosaga i played is 2 (first one was apparently hard to pirate or something, so it never showed up in Argieland), and i actually liked it. I played it like 7 years ago, so i’m not vouching for my tasteless former self, but i do have some fond memories of it.

        Speaking of awesome JRPGs from the past, i’d sign up for new real Suikodens, and Valkyrie Profiles.

  4. I’m in complete agreement with Skies of Arcadia. It’s still one of the RPG’s that I’ve beaten the most. There is just something about Sky Pirates and the never distraught characters that I wish I could experience all over again. Moonstone Cannon, Fire!

  5. Clocktower, if done in more of a “Siren” format rather than anything claiming to be horror these days (Amnesia excluded, naturally.)

    Or another Zombies Ate My Neighbors would be fantastic.

  6. Fear Effect

    I love the first two games and I was so excited when Fear Effect 0 was announced for the PS2 and then very disappointed when it was cancelled. So I would be very happy if a Fear Effect 3 was announced.

  7. Vectorman, all day. Loved the games back on the Sega, loved the re-releases on Sonic’s Ultimate Collection, but I think it should be made somewhat like Metal Arms with switchable weapons and whatnot.

  8. I honestly can’t really think of anything. I also agree with the Mahoney guy I guess. But if I had to choose…

    Medal of Honor Frontline 2: The Greatest Soundtrack Ever Strikes Back. Yes, I would pay full price for MoHF2:TGSESB

  9. I would love to see star wars battlefront but maybe like mag online only or even a new suikoden. Bottom line I would love for them to remake final fantasy 7.

  10. MechAssault, Get Grind Radio, Power Stone, Star Fox (rail shooter version) off the top of my head. I would love to see next gen updates of those games done right.

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