21 thoughts on “What Video Game Series Would You Like to See Retire?”

  1. Well that was good. I have to say that Final Fantasy has well over 30 titles with all the spin-offs, and that is enough. Pokemon for me has been lackluster as the pokemon have gotten stale, and they really have done every type of pokemon that they needed (seriously they created the God Pokemon in Diamond/Perl/Platinum). Sonic needs to go as Sega keeps messing with the formula by adding stupid gimmicks. CoD needs to go as a new game comes out every year and regenerative health needs to only be regulated to games like Halo. That brings me to Halo needing to go, as the story really went downhill after the first one, with the second being the worst out of the original trilogy (space marines are all right, but not the best and most original idea).

    It is sad to see a long running series be done and over with, but some times it is for the best. I hope there isn’t another Banjo Kazooie game that strays away from its roots (Rare, please just let it go, you have fallen from grace and Retro has taken your place).

  2. A few games come to mind… Fable, Pokemon (unless they do something new with it), DMC (I’m sick and tired of this series playing with my emotions), Zelda, Kingdom Hearts (screwed up when they put exclusive games across 5 platforms), Tony Hawk, GH/RB (sadly), GOW, and here is the big one…

    MGS. It’s time to build a new universe that is just as crazy. Maybe look back into ZOE.

    1. Forgot to mention. I agree. There’s no point for Kojima to waste his talent on MGS no more. I want to see his creativity put to use in something new (ZOE sucks IMHO) and i want that something to be (seriously) cutscene heavy. In fact, i want the game to remind you constantly of MGS. I just don’t want it to be MGS. Why? Because i like the idea of videogames d’auteur, and Kojima’s lengthy cutscene trademark is suited to pretty much all genres.

  3. CoD and FF were the most voted (i think). Weird.

    I dunno why there’s so much hate against Final Fantasies. They reinvent a lot of stuff all the time and most storylines are independent. Square could release FF12 and FF13 as two different franchises and it’d be hard to see the similarities. I’d like Square to hand a Final Fantasy to an outside team, and see what’d be cooked. Say, the Persona devs. Those guys know how to make teenagers that don’t annoy me.

    CoD, though, is FUBAR. I liked the single player in CoDBlops a lot more than in MW2, but CoD is so far away from what was great about the first one that i’d rather it be shot down and some new franchise started in its place (i suggest something along the lines of UBER LINEAR: CODE KILL ALL RUSKIES). Also, using Bay of the Pigs and the Vietnam war and not making any sort of commentary is a crime. Seriously, according to CoDBlops Charlie was the one with the flamethrowers?! What sorts of books did these people consult? Oh snap.

    Some on top of my head i’d like killed: Bioshock (two games was already one game too many), FEAR (another FUBAR case), Max Payne (Rockstar clearly doesn’t get it) and Borderlands (a. the RPG mechanics are a disaster and i don’t want to play Borderlands 2 and find me dissapointed because the awful level balancing is still there and b. Gearbox should be busy making a real BiA).

    1. I would have agreed with you on Bioshock until I saw this video for Bioshock Infinite… by the same team that did the first game.

      I completely agree with FEAR, and Max Payne should be left alone unless Remedy comes back to the series.

      You are right about Borderlands, yet the game is still the best coop game I have played in a few years, even with all that is broken about it. Borderlands 2 is a chance to see if Gearbox understands what it takes to make a great game or if they just happened upon lightning by pure luck.

        1. (gonna post in many parts because i don’t know what word it’s not liking)

          If Borderlands had been trashed for its unexistant free-roamingness and its weak RPG mechanics and story, i’d trust Gearbox to understand what’s so wrong about it. I did have a lot of fun with the game in coop (even if it was a mess to set up and lagged like crazy), but it’s single player is just boring.

          1. @Randy
            Nah, i thought it didn’t like b3bws but it turned out to be the c0ck in c0ckroach that it filtered. Took me a while to figure out. I did the programmer’s thing and just tried one bit at a time but it still didn’t work so i went further into it, word by word, and there it was: a big, fat c0ckroach. Sad because i thought the gemstone roach eating all of Jill’s fun parts was funny.

            Feel free to purge, merge my multiposts into one, add pen1s p1c7ur35, 37c…

        2. I had already watched that video. Still not convinced. Very linear, very scripted, very UE3-y. I forgot a lot about the video, but IIRC they’re not expanding on the RPG mechanics, which is a shame. What is hopeful about the game is that it’s really different from Bioshock. I don’t really mind Bio Infinite (i had forgotten about it, actually, and i think so did everyone) but i’d like a different color palette and overall look and feel. I actually meant just Bioshock.

  4. Another one: Resident Evil: should die, must die, won’t die. The series’ dumb as ever but without horror, survival, puzzles, plot twists or funny voiceacting. It’s deprecated in comparison to Dead Space. Jill has a c0ckroach eaten all her b3wbs. What’s teh point with this still existing?

    Ah, i took me ten minutes to think it was c0ckroach…

    1. As long as we are on the Survival Horror topic; Silent Hill should just die. Seriously the latest game in development makes it so you can just AVOID combat if you want to. That is just unacceptable when it comes to survival horror titles.

      1. ?

        Why is it bad to avoid combat in a survival horror game? It’s just the opposite, to avoid combat is the core of the genre. Since you’re so pathetic and weak and have no ammo or weapons and the control scheme works so hideously with the fixed camera angles you’ve got no other choice but to run past or run of the creepos.

        Haven’t played Shattered Memories yet (though i plan to, now that i have my first PSP :)) but if they grabbed that and turned it into actual gameplay, seems to me like commendable work.

      2. I wouldn’t say unacceptable. Sneaking and avoiding combat are what makes Amnesia and Penumbra: Black Plague so damn scary.

  5. I’m going there: Mario. Never gonna happen, but this is my fantasy, dammit!

    At the very least, reduce his game count per year by at least half. I’m sick of his mug smeared over everything from mini-game compilations and sports titles to every-freaking-thing else Nintendo puts out. His trademark series are spectacular, but there is nothing inherent about the character that necessities this kind of over-exposure.

    There’s just something so grating in his constant cheerful painfully un-Italian-ness that makes me want to never even be in the same room with pasta again.

  6. Who was that amazing Cameraman holding the camera when Will was asked the question in the car ride down.

  7. Some of my previous personal favs Metal Gear, Silent Hill, and Final Fantasy should be laid to rest. I haven’t enjoyed previous games in either series nor do I admire the direction that each franchise seems to be taking. Sonic on the other hand, I don’t want to see retire. Likewise, I’m actually rooting for Sonic that he may one day make a triumphant comeback and redeem his reputation. A man can dream.

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