22 Feb

Adam loves the chocolate queen. Yagiz loves that little green guy. Today is girlfriends day on the podcast so come on in and sit down to hear from three dudes and a lady. Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Doom 1, fighting sticks and other useless peripherals. If you wanna join in on the conversation, hit us with an Email at forcedupdate@elder-geek.com, or post a comment and we’ll read it on air.

7 thoughts on “Forced Update: Episode 93”

  1. -Ash was a name for the main character in Pokemon Red, Green, and Yellow (Gary was the main character in Blue).
    -QTE’s can completely ruin a game, specifically when they result in immediate death.
    -3 videogame characters I would do: Elena Fisher, Franziska von Karma (whips), and maybe Rise Yamaguchi (when she’s 18).
    -Bayonetta’s dimensions are all really messed up, her neck is longer than her head.
    -Double Fine is hitting their stride with these little games, which allows them to be clever but not overstay their welcome.

    Question (so we never have to sit through those stupid questions ever again): What is the first videogame you can remember playing?

    1. I agree, QTE’s can make or break a game. In my case I thought it was my general lack of being good at anything that made QTE’s annoying. I was pleased to find out that most people hate them as well. Good picks on the three video game characters you’d do. I’ve never played the Phoenix Wright games but I’d dig the chick with the whip too.
      Looking back, you’re right, Bayonetta does have a pretty long neck… That being said, it still wouldn’t be a deal-breaker for me. I assume Heather probably feels the same way. Thanks for giving us feedback and comments and most importantly for listening. May fortune shine upon your vagina lips.

  2. This is the best podcast so far in my opinion. It was really funny and Yagiz yelling out “rimjob” really drove it home.

    Speaking of Telltale Games, I bought the Tales of Monkey Island series because it was on sale, and while it’s funny and entertaining, I agree with the whole graphics looking jenky. There were a couple times when someone would walk and their legs wouldn’t move.

    1. Saying one of our podcasts is better than the other is like choosing which genocide you thought was the best. They’re all equally horrible and should only be remembered to keep us from repeating the same mistakes.

  3. @Jesse: Glad you think that this was our best podcast yet. However, I think comparing the podcasts are somewhat like comparing genocides. All of them are horrible and should only be remembered so we don’t repeat those same atrocities.

    @Korne: I completely agree that QTE’s can make or break a game. I attributed my failure to complete them as normal since I fail at most aspects of games. I then realized that almost everyone hates them and started feeling a little less shitty. On the subject of Bayonetta, you’re right, her neck is longer than her head! That being said, still not a deal-breaker for me and most likely not for Heather either. I can tell your a person that can appreciate a podcast where vagina lips and tits are always relevant talking points. Thanks for the comments and for listening.

    P.S. @Jesse: You’re a scumbag.

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