09 Feb

To enter into the contest leave a response or video response on one of three places saying why you want / deserve a copy of Magicka!

1. Elder-Geek.com’s page for this video (that’s right here)
2. Elder-Geek.com’s fan page: http://www.facebook.com/eldergeekdotcom
3. Leave a response or video response on the YouTube video!

You can check out our Justin.tv page where we stream here: http://www.justin.tv/eldergeekdotcom

And of course, check out Paradox Interactive’s page for all their latest breaking news: http://www.paradoxplaza.com/

Get creative and crazy! Good luck!

18 thoughts on “Magicka Giveaway!”

  1. OK so my wife and I have been playing and a second copy would be cool so we could play together. But anyways I love the site keep up the good work. Great vids awesome articles !

  2. hello i need one because my friend all have one and show off to my face… so plz give me 1 copy so i can a 4 co-op with them ty if you pick me

  3. Looks awesome i want it. i like the fantasy magical stuff. all that fantasy stuff is what made me love final fantasy. Ill be a mercenary mage. yeah i dont carry who im with as long i can get something awesome out of it.

  4. Elder-geek: You wanna win the magicka contest??
    Me: U bet…
    Elder-geek: Whats the password??
    Me: mmmm…. BANANA?
    Elder-geek: WINNER

  5. I’m a aspiring video game designer and my passion in life in making good games. And Magicka is one of those games that shows that indie games can be great games. Then way the team behind Magicka got right on fixing the bugs in the game show they care about making their game better and that is awesome.

    1. I’m still pretty mad that they aren’t optimizing it though. Honestly, practically no integrated graphics card can run the game, and the ones that can chug at around 15 fps.

  6. Before I tell you why i deserve a copy of Magicka, allow me to tell you something about myself. Last summer i was in Africa healing AIDS, while at the side i invented a cure for cancer. Last november i was in middle-east solving the problems between israel and the surrounding arab countries. Now I, being a humble man, never have asked for anything for these actions, but on January i was saving helpless puppies caught in a snowstorm at Mt. Everest, i broke my leg and am now bed-ridden for a few months. I am so sad that i cannot make the world a better place during this time, and need something to take my mind away from from this misery, and Magicka would be just the thing I need, so i could play alongside some war orphans i saved from somali pirates.

  7. I should win a copy because I gave an old woman directions at the gas station yesterday and karma owes me… and uhm, I’ll be you best friend.

  8. Do I deserve it?
    Do I want it?
    Hell yeah.
    Why do I want it?
    Because the demo was awesome and left me hungry for more goblin squashing extravaganza.
    Why won’t I buy it?
    Because my wallet recently seems to be laughing really hard at me for actually trying to find any money in it.

  9. i want / deserve a copy of magica so that i can then fufill my destiny as being the supreme ruler of every mage in the world by using my ultimate spell of greatness i shall create the dreaded army of killer toat to do my bidding and enslave the entire world and be suprem ruler hahahahaha…….. o and play magicka.

  10. Hell yeah, I want it too!

    My friends already have a copy of it but I don’t, so that’s a good reason why a need a copy: co-op. I heard co-op is great in this game, and Paradox is actively supporting it through the release of patches. It’s always great to know when a PC dev./pub. supports their games like they should.

  11. I need a code since killing stuff with cute tiny wizards gives me a warm fluffy feeling inside. And that I can kill my friends “by accident” and take their weapons is a nice bonus.

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