02 Feb

Literally surprising no one in the known universe, Nintendo master-developer Shigeru Miyamoto recently confirmed a new Super Mario title for the 3DS. Announced via an “Iwata Asks” promo segment, no release date or specific details were given, but more is expected to be announced during Nintendo’s E3 press conference at the latest.

“So, in the interests of adopting new technology for the Super Mario Bros. tradition, I am now making a new Super Mario Bros. game for the Nintendo 3DS system,” he said. “I want to show everyone as soon as possible what the new Super Mario Bros. will be like on the Nintendo 3DS.”

While the exact opposite of a surprise announcement, Miyamoto has the minds at E-G already predicted more classic staples to be announced for the handheld in the coming months. Which you prefer to see; Donkey Kong, Metroid, Pikmin? Answer below!

One thought on “New Super Mario 3DS Title In the Works”

  1. I am thinking this well be in the vain of New Super Mario Bros. Wii with 4 player co-op.

    However, Nintendo you still owe your audience Pikmin 3 which you teased at E3 2009. I am waiting to dish out commands to my little minions on the Wii (confirmed development), however a 3DS title is not out of the question as well.

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