14 Feb

Take-Two Interactive may have given Electronic Arts the cold shoulder when it came to outright acquisition, but apparently that hasn’t deterred the folks at Activision. The publisher is reportedly looking into buying out the studio, and would have to make an offer before the next Grand Theft Auto hit shelves (the announcement of which is expected at this year’s E3). While the Houser brothers, the heart and soul of Take-Two, are notoriously stalwart when it comes to these types of business discussions, their current contract is up for renewal in 2012, and they are in a strong position to potentially ask for more than the Take-Two folks are willing to spend.

“There are very strong rumours amongst people at a very senior level within the global business,” a senior executive at Activision reportedly told sources at MCV.

This a deal you’d like to see pull through, E-Gs? Or are you more skeptical about the GTA crowd getting into bed with Kotick? Give us your prescriptions below!

One thought on “Report: Activision Eyeing Take-Two, Houser Brothers”

  1. Please don’t let Activision touch GTA or Take Two for that matter of fact. Activision has been ruining franchises for the last couple of years, and I don’t want them to taint anymore series that are doing well.

    Activision needs to change its business practice, or go out of business like they did in the past (changed the name and other things, blah, blah story, and now back to publishing).

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