10 Feb

Even though hacker George “Geohotz” Hotz has already been engaged in a legal struggle with Sony, the company has now taken aim at the entire group of hackers that it holds responsible for the recent release of software that allows players to circumvent several key systems on the Playstation 3 hardware.

The software released by the group of hackers that calls themself “Fail0verflow,” has allowed players to play pirated games on their consoles, and has also lead to a surge in the number of hackers and cheaters that affect several prominent online titles. To gain further information on this group, Sony has subpoenaed several major websites that it believes hold information that can lead to the identification of Fail0verflow members. Websites who have been targeted by Sony include Google, Youtube, Geeknet, Paypal, Bluehost, Kickstarter, and Twitter.

The judge presiding over the case has denied Sony permission to obtain information from several of these parties, including Google, Twitter, and Youtube.