25 Mar

After Overclock[ing] the original Devil Survivor for the 3DS, Atlus confirmed a sequel for the budding handheld franchise. Their self-proclaimed “final masterpiece” on the fading DS, and take place over a week-long invasion of multiple Japanese cities by creatures known as the “Septentrion”. The player will control 13 teenage characters with the ability to tame demons to fight against the invaders, with the new “Enishi” system tracking friendship stats between party members and bequeathing new abilities based on inter-character levels. The game is set for this Summer in Japan, with other regions to be determined.

Happy to see another couple give “one final game” to the DS? Or will you be spending more time focusing on Nintendo’s new hardware? Comment below!

2 thoughts on “Atlus Confirms ‘Devil Survivor 2’”

  1. Well it is good that they are putting out another Devil Survivor game on the DS, but it seems strange for them to release it on the DS and not the 3DS (cause of Overclocked). I am guessing that next year we probably will see an Overclocked 2 for the 3DS, and that is when I will pick up both games cause of the added stuff in the 3DS versions.

  2. Until the 3DS comes out in a ‘test form’ where stores have them to try and see if the 3d actually works for you, I have no interest in anything for that handheld… so I’m glad to see anything released on other handhelds.

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