31 Mar


[Initial reporting done by Eli English]

After a couple of quick videos for their upcoming Burgertime HD, MonkeyPaw Games has released a couple of screen shots for the game showing a bit of gameplay as well as some of the character designs. MonkeyPaw Games, who are formerly best known for porting Japanese Playstation games to the Playstation Network.
“We reviewed the way retro gaming has been presented in recent years on the digital download platforms. Some games have been graphically retouched and look impressive. But a true classic deserves a complete reinvention in order to rekindle the magic that made it special.” read a statement by the company.

Burgertime HD is set for release sometime this year on “digital download platforms” and will include four player online and offline co-op, 40 levels of “burger-making mayhem”, and four so-called “hairy” bosses to defeat.

Happy to see the game has been remade, or will you be skipping this it? Post a comment below and let us know what you think!