28 Mar

We slide into Episode 88 with some hard hitting commentary. We see how fast a person should be playing Pokemon, why Gamestop is a pool of lies, and get a world exclusive review of RE:Mercenaries 3D from Yagiz. Plus, we bask in to glow of actual mail. If you wanna join in on the conversation, hit us with an Email at forcedupdate@elder-geek.com, or post a comment and we’ll read it on air.

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12 thoughts on “Forced Update: Episode 88”

  1. -40 hours into Okami… the end has to be close.
    -You are crazy… MK has way more flash than SF. SF is slow while MK has a significantly faster pace.
    -PORTAL 2… please internet, dont spoil anything for me!
    -You Don’t Know Jack is still awesome, I will buy it at some point. I wish Redbox would rent it, because that is the perfect one night party rental.
    -To the Duke Nukem controversy, it has more to do with tone. Duke Nukem is an immature game with gratuitous nudity… hence the problem.
    -Fast 5, The Rock vs. Vin Diesel.
    -Nintendo sells multiple versions of digital notebooks that are much more expensive than an actual notebook. The developer is ‘NOOOOOOOOooooooo’.

    -Do you guys listen to other gaming podcasts?

    1. -Each time I play Okami I regret not buying it when it first came out on the Wii or PS2. When I first saw my friends playing Okami and the Zelda games I focused far too much on the tedious portions of the game and missed out on the charm they each possess. I can now say that I’ve seen the light and in the future I plan on giving those types of games another chance.
      – I was never that big a fan of the MK franchise, however I agree that MK is faster paced than SF. I myself like to go the extreme speed route and have taken a liking to fighters like MvC3, Blazblue, and Guilty Gear but to each his own.
      – As far as the Duke Nukem comments go we all know why it’s controversial but like to laugh at our nation’s weird and hilarious set of moral codes and double standards. I guess it just comes down to what offends people the most. The U.S. seems to take a humorous amount of offense to any type of nudity/sexual content. That being said, chances are that in the future with boosted internet speeds and the iPad 14 kids all across the states will have seen more gruesome deaths and gratuitous nudity then I’ll ever hope to view.
      -Fast 5 The Rock vs. Vin Diesel = Who do I give my money to?
      – It doesn’t surprised me that Nintendo sells this, what does surprise me is that people actually purchase it.
      – As always, thanks for listening.

        1. Yeah guys, THANKS. I only record, edit and distribute the podcast. It would be swell if you at least posted in the forum. That’s what you get when you outsource to foreigners.

  2. I listened up to the news today and I can say that Trevor is the Gary to Adam’s Ash. Also, I enjoyed the crap out of the Ghostbusters game. It was pretty much how I imagined it and trapping ghosts is a lot of fun.

    Additionally, as long as I have e-rewards I will probably still shop at gamestop, but “f*ckpit” is my word of the day. I lol’d at that.

    1. I haven’t played the Ghostbusters Game but its starting to sound like I should. I forgot about e-rewards but I will try to not let it waver my resolve. I also hereby copywrite the word f*ckpit.

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