13 thoughts on “Forced Update: Episode 89”

    1. Unless you want to hear more of “Yagiz asks Stupid Questions” then it is that important! Also, consider it edited, now everyone will think you’re CRAZY! Mwahahahahaha!

  1. -I was never a fan of Yakuza, but I played the Yakuza 4 demo and had a lot of fun.
    -Shogun Total War is one of the best strategy games ever. When I was little, I just made a lot of ninjas and had them assassinate the enemy’s generals.
    -The music/beat genre is not dead… peripheral music games are dead (for now at least). And if you want to learn how to play a guitar with a video game, buy Rockband 3. It teaches you guitar, keyboard, and drums (with real instruments).
    -I feel the Dragon Age 2 developer was seriously in the wrong. It is like if an inmate got to influence whether or not they got paroled by voting. It is the same reason I can’t take a review from Ninteno Power or PSM seriously when talking about an exclusive game. They are biased. If the guy mentioned he worked on the game, then at least he would own up to his bias… but he didn’t. He tried to pass his review off as an average joe review, which it isn’t. I wish Jeff Gertsman would pimp slap this guy (Jeff was the GameSpot employee who was fired for giving a bad review for Kane and Lynch, which the site was sponsered by).
    -Do you really want me to rate you guys… you are the self-pronounced worst podcast on the internet.
    -Qui… I can’t do it. I’m sorry.

    Do you guys enjoy doing a podcast?

    1. Yes, we actually love doing the podcast. It’s just a lot of work and… well, Korne you are the only person who seems interested in our ramblings. Some weeks are better than others but we really do like yelling at each other and dragging our own work through the mud. If we are getting to depressing let us know and well crank up the happy meter.

    2. Ya, the person who did the DA2 review was wrong – if his review had been more even-handed then I’d have no problem. I have no problem with people offering an honest opinion about their work, but they have to try to be fair.

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