2 thoughts on “Forced Update: Episode 91”

  1. -Believe it or not, the court system in Phoenix Write is pretty damn close to the actual Japanese court system, where you are considered guilty until proven innocent. A lot of Defense Attorneys never win a case.
    -I hate you for hating Uncharted. The grenades just force you to move to new cover. You have to know when to blind fire and when to move. And that game is nothing but set pieces, like the building fall, or the truck jumping, or the Monster Fight, or the Tank chase, or the Train, or carrying the wounded guy… jesus that game has a lot.
    -Even with my disappointment with AC2, the end of the game was a total mind f*ck. Like Metroid Other M, the end made up for a lot of the game’s flaws.
    -PoTUSA are freaking amazing… they just played at my college a month ago and rocked it.

  2. You could also say PoTUSA favorite pokemon would be Weevil (for the song Boll Weevil) or maybe chikorita (for the song Feather Pluckin), or maybe Polywhirl (for the song Body).

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