7 thoughts on “Forced Update: Episode 92”

  1. -Apparently, experts believe major retailers will no longer sell CDs by 2015.
    -Apple has become the new Madden… their is a new iteration of their products every year (with slight upgrades).
    -Review the box art for Catherine… do it.
    -It wasn’t a random name generator, their were 2 names you could select (Red and Ash) or you could enter your own.
    -An action game comprised mostly of QTEs… Ninja Blade?

    1. -I haven’t bought a CD in ages. MP3’s or Vinyl all the way.

      -I hate Madden. NFL 2K5 4 LYFE

      -Expect a “WORLD EXCLUSIVE” Cather box-art review.

      -People actually played Ninja Blade? Was it any good?

  2. So I looked at a walkthrough for pokemon red, and choices for names are NEW NAME, RED, ASH, and JACK (who’s Jack?).

    Pokemon Blue’s names are NEW NAME, BLUE, GARY, and JOHN (who’s John?)

    I guess Red is the official name of the character though, as that was the name in the Manga and in references in other games. So… you were right.

    1. I did more reading, and according to canon (I know, pokemon canon), Ash Ketchum is the main character of Yellow, even though Red is still a name you can chose. Apperently, both Red left palet town shortly before Ash and took one of the 3 pokemon, leaving Ash with Pikachu(what happened to the 3rd pokemon?). Ash then follows Red’s trail, befriending Broc and Misty after defeating them… or so the canon goes.

      I still think that’s crap, and Red is Ash… and Ash is the name of the anime… and Ash is a real name for a person… and I am really bored so I am looking up pokemon facts… and I need to get a life

      1. Third Pokemon was taken out into a field and murdered. All I know is the main character in Pokemon Red was named Yagiz and the trainer you fight against was named Trevor in my game. God I hate Trevor.

        I need to look into more Pokemon canon. It will be essential for when I pen my great Pokemon fanfic.

        1. Where Pikachu finally returns Magnemite’s love, but Magnemite evolved into Magneton and no longer cares for Pikachu.

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