06 Mar

The guys at Sucker Punch have recently announced that Infamous 2 will be getting a little bit more like LittleBigPlanet. The upcoming comic-book action title will contain a system allowing users to create and upload their own campaign-style missions. The assets will include all character, prop, and creature models from the full game, and appear randomly in-game in the same way as single player missions. Sucker Punch also intends to feature the best missions on a central list. A closed beta of the creation system is expected sometime in April, with details on how to enter appearing later this month on March 14th.

“There’s a whole city to explore [in Infamous 2], and we provide lots of stuff to do in the city … but no matter how many missions and mini-missions and systemic opportunities and branching story lines we add to the game, eventually the story ends.” pitched Sucker Punch Development Director Chris Zimmerman, “With user-generated content, Infamous 2 players can build new missions, then share them with the world…There really aren’t a lot of limits to the sorts of missions you can build.” Players can create all-out action scenes, or opt to design a stealth-only mission.