12 thoughts on “Total War: Shogun 2 Video Review”

  1. Urgh… Moar video reviews I can’t watch from work :(

    Any chance you guys could do like a 1 paragraph summary along with video reviews for people reading the site on more restricted or less able computers or connections? 😉

  2. Awesome review. I will pick up the game at a later date, but I really want to play it. I loved the demo, so I know I will like the full game.

    Now to get my rig fixed so I can play this and SC2 again.

  3. Any idea how does this run in mid-range PCs? Never played a Total War game before (well, just a wee bit of Rome) but the game looks worth a try just for the killer GUI design.

    1. It runs pretty decent on medium settings, but you won’t get the full experience of the environments and the large scale battles, with smaller sized units. That’s the downside of the Total War games in general.

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