25 Apr

Speculations haven’t been the kindest for Nintendo’s new handheld, after Nintendo kept its initial sales under wrap after it had launched, and March NPD numbers showing a lower number than what was publicly expected. In the same financial report that revealed the Big N’s new impending console reveal, the electronics company quieted the rumors by announcing that the Nintendo 3DS had moved a total of 3.61 million units worldwide since launch.

2 thoughts on “3DS Moves 3.61 Million Units”

  1. Well those numbers aren’t too bad for one month of sales (U.S. and Europe, with Japan having two months of sales).

    I fully expect the number of units sold to be greater once OoT is released in mid June. That and the new Mario game (that game will have legs).

  2. I fully expect the numbers to stay fairly average until they release an adequate number of demo consoles worldwide. I know at LEAST 30 people between people I know online and in person who will NOT even give it a chance until they are able to try it out and see how the 3d works for them personally and very few of the stores seem to have demo units yet.

    Unfortunately the console is too variable for it to really be easy to decide upon.

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