28 Apr

Developers TriAce, Namco Bandai, and Gajin Games have all confirmed new releases for the Nintendo 3DS. TriAce (Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile) is bringing Beyond the Labyrinth, a 3D dungeon crawler from Takayuki Suguro (Resonance of Fate) and Shingo Mukaitouge (Elebits), to the platform with a TBD release date.

As first revealed in the May issue of Nintendo Power, Namco Bandai is re-releasing Tales of the Abyss on the 3DS in Japan sometime later this year. A North American release is expected in the Fall. The Indie-favorite Bit.Trip series from Gajin Games will also be heading to the portable console, with the Bit.Trip Saga compendium. The collection (release TBD) features Bit.Trip Beat, Core, Fate, Flux, Runner, and Void.

Any of these newly announced titles tickle your fancy, E-Gs? Or are you still waiting for a launch title more suited to your play style? Tell us in the comments section!

One thought on “3DS Sees New Games from TriAce, Gajin”

  1. Beyond the Labyrinth sound interesting, so I will look forward to more details.

    I like how Namco Bandai is releasing Tales games again after being bombarded with a lot of requests from fans. I didn’t play ToA on the PS2, but I will look forward to the 3DS version (probably gonna have some new content in there knowing Namco).

    The whole compilation of the Bit.Trip series sounds awesome. They are challenging games, but that makes them good.

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