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  1. I might get this when Steam has a sale for it. I just can’t get over the fact that they made it less interesting and they are only using DX 9 for the PC. It isn’t a bad looking game at all, but there is much to be desired; like playing machine gun lumberjack or spawning a lot of oil barrels and blowing them up.

  2. I figured something like this was going to happen. Unfortunately I was one of those who never got the opportunity to play the first Crysis.

  3. At work, can’t watch it. It’s a negative review, i take it from the comments.

    Crysis 2 had its moments (mostly just graphics being kiler) for me, but i never managed to really enjoy it the way i did with Crysis 1. I don’t think it’s a problem of streamlining, more like bad controls and lousy input responsiveness on PC. I also feel very weird when i can’t follow a story like Crysis 2’s because of its military jargon and throwback flashback narrative. It seems like you can’t play shooters nowadays without knowing all the english military acronyms or something.

    Offtopic: Precursors and Xenus II on sale on Gamersgate for 15 bucks each. It’s made by the kind of crazy ruskies that are so over ambitious that they decide to simply not care one bit about QA and release mega bugfest genre-bending gems (flying coogars!) such as Boiling Point. Imma check them out, but they seem like something worth looking at that goes deep into stretching the FPS genre.

    1. Now that i’ve watched the review, i’m not sure if i fully agree. I mean, i’m with you that the game lost a lot of its charm, but i do find it has a lot of Crysis moments as to say it does indeed feel like a Crysis game. There’s a tech demo that one of Crytek’s animators once did about procedurally generated urban areas, basically allowing you to enter any door and explore with pretty much absolute freedom, that, if implemented, would’ve pushed Crysis 2 to greatness. Without it, it feels like a consolized sequel. It’s not so bad as some other examples, but it’s one more developer to cross off the list.

      Btw, the groin closeup at 0:09 is nasty 😛

  4. I really enjoy Crysis 2, but I have to fully agree on this review here. Aside from the graphical display of power, there isn’t all that much unique about the game. I _greatly_ appreciate the multiplayer aspect of the game though. It seems to be a lot like Call of Duty (which I generally don’t enjoy), but has a couple of important differences and an added layer with the armor abilities. I really enjoy it, but I guess a rental will indeed suffice for everybody except those looking for a new multiplayer game.

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