27 Apr

This cast was all about portals… well, more like tangents. But we cover some pretty important stuff. Sadly, very little of it was gaming related. So how bout that Playstation Network… yeah, we’ll let you know. If you wanna join in on the conversation, hit us with an Email at forcedupdate@elder-geek.com, or post a comment and we’ll read it on air.

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4 thoughts on “Forced Update: Episode 86”

  1. -This podcast was great (and at the same time, a new low).
    -You poop in No More Heroes to save.
    -I have never played the Sims, so I have never glanced at Sim Boob.
    -The first Phoenix Write is really good, but the third game is the best. The second is the weakest of the series (I haven’t played Apollo Justice though).
    -cough*Isara dies*cough
    -I have found that I don’t care for most Disney Movies. Besides Lion King, Jungle Book, Emperors New Groove, Rescuers, Peter Pan, Sword and the Stone, Fox and the Hound, and Alladin… I don’t like most of them (I guess I like more of them then I thought though.
    -I’m glad my experimental question was a collosal failure… how have you guys never heard of Black (PS2 FPS)? Or THUG? At least I’m glad we share the same thoughts on Twilight Princess.
    -Epic Ending

    1. PS: Soul Reaver is part of the Legacy of Kain, along with Blood Omen and Defiance.

      PSS: I have a girlfriend of 5 years… she doesn’t really like video games, and I can’t get her to play Portal 2. I think girls think differently than guys, and it makes spacial puzzles hard to solve.

    2. -You’ve just mentioned just about every Disney movie I like as well and now I cringe thinking of the money I will spend to buy them all on blu-ray.
      – I stopped caring about the Tony Hawk games after the 3rd. I’m also assuming that Black came out during the years 2005-2007. If that’s the case than very few games other than Super Smash Bro’s Melee or Monster Hunter got my attention.

      1. I really liked THUG, the only open world Tony Hawk that got it right. I think Black came out in 2005, and it was pretty cool. It is a fps made by the guys that make Burnout. Also, I highly recommend NFS Most Wanted. There are not many things more satisfying than smashing through the police barriers in that game.

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