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Some of us remember a fonder time, an older time, a time when we didn’t have the fancy smanshy internet to connect us to all our friends. We remember huddling in front of a keyboard at our Windows 95 computer with three of our buddies and engaging in Americas favorite pass time. Trivia. Yes, it’s been almost 15 years and Jellyvision is back on the air with our favorite host Cookie Masterson. You Don’t Know Jack is back in our living rooms and I can’t remember a time when I was more happy to get screwed.

You Don’t Know Jack is a four-player party trivia game and if you’ve never played it then you should probably head over to the Playstation Network and try the demo out so you can see what you’ve been missing. YDKJ operates in the standard trivia game format. There are ten questions in one game and you and some friends will listen to clues and buzz in with the correct answer. Where YDKJ sets itself ahead of the curve is in its face-melting hilarity. There is no game on the market that has more appeal and wit than YDKJ.

The questions are amazing.

So how does this trivia game set itself apart from every other mediocre trivia game on the market? By being awesome and kicking your heart out your ass, that’s how! Not only is the game genuinely funny, it also contains  a set of questions so unique and amazing that you’ll find yourself replaying them in your head long after the round is over. Let me give you an example:

“Imagine a bunch of Merille Lynch bankers are snacking on bailout money while bilking their customer. Because it does NOT have ridges, which coin might break while scooping up some creamy french onion dip?”

Now you have 20 seconds to buzz in with the correct answer or decidedly screw one of your friends who is looking particularly puzzled. In it’s most basic form this is what the game is. A series of crazy but logically answerable questions being flung at you and your friends screaming at each other trying to buzz in with the answer or ruin  someone elses chances at winning.

Don’t worry though, there are plenty of questions types to keep the 10 question rounds fresh. There are Dis or Dats, drawn out story questions, the Jack Attack, and there are even prizes to be won with the wrong answer of the game. The latter being my favorite, the Wrong Answer of the Game has you searching questions for a word that coincides with the episodes sponsor.

Getting the Wrong Answer of the Game nets you a fabulous prize!

The game divides itself up pretty ingeniously. It’s split into separate episodes all with the intention of only being played only once. This assures that you will never stumble upon the same question twice, which would in-veritably ruin the experience for everyone else you’re playing with. And for those of you who are worried about completing the 73 episodes, our friends at Jellyvision have already published some more fine trivia DLC for you.

Having opposing players is where you may hit the wall in your trivia experience. Without HUMAN players the game deflates like a sad balloon in the Florida sun. The AI is worthless and although you can play online, the joy of being able to watch your opponents flounder is lost. YDKJ is the kind of game that should be played with friends and only with friends. The crazy humor and absurd questions just don’t pack as much of a punch when your sitting on your couch in the dark alone.

You Don’t Know Jack offers up one of the most fun party experience you could ask for on Playstation 3, Xbox360 and even the Wii. From the clever writing of the faux commercials to the sheer volume of unique questions, there is no shortage of charm in YDKJ. If your looking for a game to play with friends than you’ve found it, if you have no friends and have no real use for a party title… well than you might want to keep yourself unfamiliar with a classy gent who responds to the moniker of Jack.

6 thoughts on “You Don’t Know Jack Review”

  1. I rented it for a weekend and loved it. The dis or dats are genius. One was to tell whether it was a brand of ranch or the name of a legal brothel in Nevada. Pure genius.

      1. Both? No, the game is great. I’d say my only qualm is that a lot of the times it comes down to who is best at the Jack Attack. Then again, if you’re playing the game to actually win than you’re doing it wrong.

  2. It’s fun on all three platforms (well, I haven’t played the PS3 one but it sounds the same as the other two) but if you have more than one console, choose a version that’s not for the Wii. While the XBL online multiplayer is worthless because it lets you play episodes online that you’ve already played (making it just a dumb speed run), there are no DLC episodes on the Wii, nor will there be.

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