02 May


Happy Anniversary everyone! Last week we celebrated our second year of being the eldest geeks on the internet! It was an anniversary that for the most part, we let slip by quietly and did a few minor site updates.


But Ronimo Games caught word and decided to gift us a very nice present. They are giving our readers 60% off Swords and Soldiers through their online store (PC and Mac only).


Simply click on this link and enter the promo code ‘ElderGeek’.




Thank you to Ronimo Games for this generous gift and thank you to everyone who has been visiting our site, watching our videos, and joining us in our fundraisers for two years. With your support by spreading the word about Elder-Geek.com, we’ll be around for a lot longer.


6 thoughts on “A Sensuous, Full-Figured Anniversary Gift to Elder-Geek Readers from Ronimo Games”

    1. Says PC and Mac only.

      Might bite, if only for the ocasion, though i always get raped in strategy games.

      1. Same here, the only way I seem able to win in an RTS is by tank rushing -.- This game is pretty fun though, four bucks is a steal :)

      2. Oh, I know. But I’ll be buying it on PSN at full price just to show my appreciation.

  1. I ppicked up my copy, but i won’t be able to play it till after this week… finals

  2. Just to clarify, this deal gets you the regular Steam version of the game, at four bucks.

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