29 May

Takashi Miike is known for many things: the brutal calmness of Audition, the brutal killers of Dead or Alive, and now the brutal courtroom action Ace Attorney. According to Capcom-Unity, the veteran director will be joined by Hiroki Narimiya (who will play protagonist Phoenix Wright) and Takumi Saito (Miles Edgeworth) as the leads. Mirei Kiritani has been cast as Wright’s spirit medium assistant Maya Fey. The live-action film is being produced by Nippon Television Network and distributed by Toho Co. Limited, and could be hitting Japanese theaters as early as Spring 2012. No Western release has been planned yet.

One of the film’s sets may have already been exposed, as three photographs supposedly on site for one of the film’s locations have surfaced since the initial announcement. Reportedly, the film is being shot in Kyoto.

One thought on “‘Ace Attorney’ Film in the Works, Rumored Shots of Film Set Leaked”

  1. Miike is one of the goriest directors I have ever seen. Fun to watch, but tough to watch at the same time. Go see Ichi the Killer and try to disagree.

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