25 May

We’re still down one man but we’re not out. This is more of a “us talking about Monster Hunter” podcast, so beware. Good news, we do talk about some other stuff like: boss battles that we remember, the law of Pheonix Wright, Vanquish, Playstation Reparations, and much more! If you wanna join in on the conversation, hit us with an Email at forcedupdate@elder-geek.com, or post a comment and we’ll read it on air.

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One thought on “Forced Update: Episode 84”

  1. -Memorable Boss Battles: Psycho Mantis (MGS), The Iron Knight (Demons Souls), a version of Seymor in FFX (so hard!), GlaDos (Portal), The Flying Sand Worm thing (Shadow of the Colossus), Final Boss of Infamous (I won’t spoil anything), and the best… The Final Boss of Okami, the most complete boss battle.
    -I’ve only played Monster Hunter Tri for the wii and I didn’t like it that much. I blame the controls. Are the other games like this? I love Demons Souls, and people say they are a lot alike (and I see similarities).
    -The Third Phoenix Wright is the best of the series. All the cases blend extremely well into each other.
    -You guys should try LA Noire. It is the best Girlfriend game I have played in a while.

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