29 May

Griptonite Games is bringing back the side-scrolling Shinobi to Nintendo’s 3DS. Sega claims the game will have “brand new combo system switching between melee, ranged and acrobatic attacks” and make use of the handheld’s “Street Pass” functionality. The 12th game in the Shinobi series, simply titled Shinobi, will hit the 3DS sometime in September.

Ready to be brought back to the side-scrolling days of the Arcade 80s? Or is this one retro reboot you didn’t want to see? Comment below, E-Gs!

One thought on “‘Shinobi’ Revived on 3DS”

  1. This is cool. A side scroller is always welcome in my eyes. I have watched the trailer for this, and it is a little laggy on jumping, and some of the textures are bland. Since the game is going to be released, they can optimize the game and make it better. I will await further developments on this game.

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