17 May

Southpeak Interactive has recently obtained the distribution rights for Heatwave Interactive’s ancient Roman MMO Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising. The retail version of the game will now come courtesy of Southpeak in North America and Europe on June 21st. Buying a physical copy of the game will net the player a bunch of exclusive content, the full list of which can be found after the jump.

-Mystics receive the Staff of Hecate, a staff with magical properties enhancing your mystical abilities.

-Priests receive the Staff of Asclepius, Rome’s greatest physician, greatly enhancing your magical prowess.

-Gladiators receive a pair of swords, the Sword of Bellona, Goddess of war, and the Sword of Luna, Goddess of the Moon, as well as the Shield known as the Ancile, Mars own buckler, to defend yourself from the threats brought forth against you.

-Soldiers receive the Sword of Bellona and the Shield of Ajax, one of the greatest heroes in the Roman world, as well as the two-handed sword of Summanus, God of nocturnal thunder, a powerful implement of battle.

-A buddy code system where people who purchase the full version of Gods & Heroes can give their friends a three day free trial of the game.

-Exclusive Minion: Supellex was favored by Vulcan for his uncanny ability to anticipate his master’s needs. When the Titans invaded Olympus it was Supellex who fought valiantly against them, warning Vulcan of their attack with the sound of his axes crashing against the Titan’s weapons.