01 Jun

This episode is chock full of graphics! Yoshi stops by to help us censor naughty words, Yagiz is back from Germany, Trevor gets mad at LA Noire, and we begin the pre-E3 round-up! If you wanna join in on the conversation, hit us with an Email at forcedupdate@elder-geek.com, or post a comment and we’ll read it on air.

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8 thoughts on “Forced Update: Episode 83”

  1. -You were subpar… but your back to worst gaming podcast now that Yagiz is back.
    -You call that Hammer game being resourceful? Look at our games… Beer Pong= $5, Flip Cup=$3, Quaters= $2. I think a block of wood, a hammer, and nails would cost more.
    -Vanquish makes you feel like a badass like Bayonetta makes you feel like a cracked out hooker.
    – I am officially banned!
    -LA Noire would be so much better if they didn’t tell you that you got a question wrong… it is the most frustrating thing ever. I actually started cussing at the screen and scared my girlfriend who was in the other room. Also, if you aren’t sure whether to doubt or not, you can press lie and they will give you a hint of evidence you need to show. If they don’t give you a hint, you can press circle and go back and select doubt.
    – I like the driving, I hate the running and the shooting. The running is boring (get close, tap X to tackle them), and I hate that you have no way of shooting people without killing them. Why can’t I kneecap them?
    -FFFXIII had some good things, like the battle system, but the leveling system is a bad version of FFX, the story is extremely slow and boring (and pretty confusing), and Hope is the biggest bitch I have ever seen since Falco in the original Starfox!
    -Trevor, you are a hypocrite. You get mad with LA Noire for vibrating the controller when you are over an object, but then you praise FFXIII for having an auto attack and an auto heal (which isn’t new). The auto attack isn’t done well either. Play Persona 4 NOW!!
    -I think the ORussell Uncharted movie would probably be good, it just shouldn’t be branded as the Uncharted movie. I also think Nathan Fillion is too old and out of shape to play Drake.

    -Dark Souls is looking amazing. Yagiz, wont like it… it will be hard! The multiplayer from Demons Souls (the coop/comp multiplayer) was incredible. It is so satisfying to help/troll other players, and now in Dark Souls, they will have spaces where you can join up with friends. Also, if you pre-order, you get a free upgrade to special edition… BONUS!
    -Uncharted 3 is overflowing with grafix. I will not be surprised if my PS3 breaks because of the graphics.
    -Bioshock 2 wasn’t very good, but Bioshock Infinite looks sweet. And lets face it, anyone who plays this at E3 is a winner, since apparently they get a handy while playing. And it looks like Elizabeth will become my next addition to the list of characters I would have sex with.
    -Duke Nukem Forever was completed 3 times, but when shown to testers, their heads exploded because of the shear amount of graphics. Gearbox did its best to get rid of as much graphics as possible (and you can tell).

    Question: Why won’t you read my comments? This is Bullshit, I QUIT!

    1. Oman, there is so much comment here and I will guarantee that every word will be read on the cast (amount of words read on the cast may very).

      Also, holy shit I am a hypocrite!?

      La Noire makes me want to stab things, maybe that’s why they wont let you shoot a perp with killing them. They just figure after playing for a while you’re gonna want to murder everyone.

      I’ll save the rest for the podcast.

      Keep up the good work Korne, aka – our one listener!

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