3 thoughts on “HUD: Infinity Ward Lawsuit, PS Vita Info, F2P XBL Titles”

    1. Nintendo commented on it, and basically said that they didn’t care what the core gamers want and weren’t going to release a handful of games for the wii in NA. This is super lame too, because people were pre-ordering the games on Amazon, and the games are already in English since they are coming to EU. Atlus basically begged Nintendo to let them release Xenoblade in NA.

      1. Oh, I fully know what is going on (I even pre-ordered myself, as I have wanted to play this game since I saw it back at E3 2009). It is a shame that NoA (or if the call comes from NoJ) is holding on to these amazing games. There are more games that are more niche then these ones that are continued to be published, despite low sales. The best examples I can think of at the moment are the Harvest Moon franchise and Rune Factory franchise (I understand they are technically in the same series, but Rune Factory is quite a big spinoff from the standard HM games). These games have a cult following that even EG staff members continue to play.

        Oh, and can’t forget about Demon’s Souls. The initial 10-week U.S. Launch only saw 200k units, but life to date it has over 600k in the Americas, and 1.1 million units sold world wide. I think that can be considered a success, and why prevents Xenoblade, The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower from possibly achieving those numbers if a team like XSeed or Atlus does the boxes and discs. The biggest thing is that Xenoblade and The Last Story are already confirmed for an E.U. release (maybe Robin or Mats could review them when they come out) and are translated into English. Pandora’s Tower is now also rumored to be coming to E.U. as well. NoA just doesn’t like to take risks, even though they say they want to support the core in 2012 with the WiiU, yet they don’t feel the need to support the core now (this is a big image problem).

        Well enough ranting on the situation, this operation will continue for the foreseeable future, and I will continue to watch its development.

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