28 Jul

It’s an understatement to say that 3DS sales have been sluggish. The DS actually outsold the 3DS in the previous month by almost 3 to 1. But it looks like Nintendo has found a way to put some electricity into their sales.

Nintendo has come out saying that the 3DS will drop from $250 to $169.99 on August 12. That’s one helluva drop considering how adamant Nintendo was about their original price point.

According to the manufacturer, they will be giving away 20 free downloadable games to customers who adopted the system early. So don’t fret if you’re feeling burned right about now.

Source: Nintendo

5 thoughts on “3DS Price Drop Ahead”

  1. Even with the price drop, they are still making over $50 per console. I just think they made a complete mis-step with the pricing for such a cheap machine.

    1. No joke. And even counting the price drop, I still don’t feel I’m getting a deal for it. I mean right now there’s what… 1 remake of a good game and 1 good game for it? Something like that anyways…

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