11 Jul

One of the more peculiar ideas to be destined for the Nintendo 3DS, the first few details of the music-rhythm Theatrhythm Final Fantasy have manifested from Japan. The Dissidia-esque plot concerns a war between the Gods of Cosmos and Chaos, and requires a team of four (chibi) characters from across the franchise roster to team up and battle their way through classic tunes from the series. The goal is restore a space in between the gods known as “rhythm”, which is done by increasing the “Rizpo” music wave to balance out the destruction of Chaos. No word yet on how any of this will make it’s way into gameplay, or what any of it means in Human.

The first batch of confirmed characters covers the basics: Warrior of Light (FFI), Onion Knight (FFIII), Cloud (FFVII), and Lightning (FFXIII). The music currently known to be on disc runs the same expected gamut: Clash on the Big Bridge (FFV), One Winged Angel (FFVII), At Zanarkand (FFX) and The Sunleth Waterscape (FFXIII).

(via GamePro)

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