19 Jul

What was once a potential system seller for the 3DS eShop has gone the way of the dodo. Capcom confirmed earlier today that both the “Prototype Version” made with fan input, and the final version of Mega Man Legends 3 has been canceled. The announcement was posted as on the forums at Capcom-Unity, and no reason for the cancellation has been given. This isn’t the first time this year we’ve been left with Blue Bombers, after March’s cancellation of Mega Man Universe.

One thought on “‘Mega Man Legends 3’ Canceled”

  1. When Inafune left, I had little hope for any Mega Man game to be produced period. Universe had some issues with how it looked but the mechanics were solid.

    This is a disappointment to many. With talk of Capcom re-releasing yet another title, and questions of quality with Dragon’s Dogma and Azura’s Wrath, it isn’t looking too good for Capcom at the moment with fans.

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