02 Jul

Those involved with Operation: Rainfall, a grassroots effort to localize several IP for the Nintendo Wii, finally got an answer from the Big N, although it wasn’t what they were looking for. After promising more information via Facebook updates, Nintendo stated that there were no plans to bring Monolith Soft-produced RPG Xenoblade Chronicles, Nintendo’s own Pandora’s Tower, or Final Fantasy-creator Hironobu Sakaguchi’s The Last Story to the West. While by no means a nail in the localization coffin, there seems to be little likelihood the games will see ports across the Atlantic.  Operation: Rainfall currently has mail in campaigns prepared for all three games starting later this month.

“We never say ‘never,'” read the update, “but we can confirm that there are no plans to bring these three games to the Americas at this time.”

Had you followed “Operation: Rainfall”, EGs? Are you disappointed by Nintendo’s response? Comment below!

3 thoughts on “Nintendo Responds to “Operation: Rainfall””

  1. Man that kind of sucks. Those titles probably would have gotten me to take my wii out of retirement.

    1. I turned mine on to recommend a bunch of core tittles in hopes of bringing them up and showing Nintendo we mean business. Seluhir, you should write about this on your website if you haven’t already, seeing as how we are trying to spread the cause and get NoA to be more responsible.

      Oh, and if Nintendo made that kind of response to their Japanese audience in the way they did, they would have to be apologizing big time, but seeing as how it is the North American audience, they can just shrug stuff off without a good explanation.

  2. I have been following since last Thursday/Friday.

    See, this is the thing that gets me, the games are being localized in Europe, which requires more languages to be translated, and one of them is English. Remember at E3 when Reggie and Iwata said they wanted to bring back the core in 2012 with the WiiU and six month old ports of games, yeah, if they can’t support the core now in 2011, what makes them think the core will buy the WiiU in high quantities when it finally launches. Give Atlus the rights to publish the games in North America (and eventually South and Central America) seeing as how they are a bigger team than XSeed and brought Demon’s Souls over to much appraise.

    I have also been on the localization effort of Tales games, which Namco Bandai finally caved in (either that or it was their plan to seem to appeal to their fans) to bring ToG:f to North America (still waiting on ToV PS3, which might be a long shot at this point, but still trying).

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