23 Jul

While its not quite a game, and definitely not a reference to the Futurama character, THQ and famed motivational philosopher Deepak Chopra are bringing Leela to 360 (with Kinect) and Wii this November 8th. This experimental interactive experience will send you on “a ground-breaking journey of mind and body” which “combines physical activity and meditation to create a fully immersive experience”.

We have no idea what that means either, but Joystiq found a more detailed explanation via the Associated Press: “Seven different interactive exercises based on the seven ‘chakras,’ the points along the body that Chopra says serve as energy centers, task players with moving their bodies to control graphics onscreen set to a soothing soundtrack … the root chakra exercise, for example, directs players to tilt their hips to seed a virtual planet.”

Prepped to work out your chakra, EGs? Or is Deepak Chopra not someone you want to see behind the design team? Comment below!

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