29 Jul

THQ had a pretty bad first fiscal quarter for 2011, posting a loss of $38.4 million. The blame for the financial downturn has been all but confirmed to be the result of Red Faction: Armageddon‘s middling scores and worse sales. THQ Brian Farrell stated, shortly after the results were posted, that there are no plans “to continue with that franchise in any meaningful way.” Red Faction sales have never been AAA competitive, and a recent trans-media effort that branched the property into the downloadable and SyFy movie spaces didn’t yield dramatic results.

(via GamesRadar)

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2 thoughts on “THQ Canning ‘Red Faction’ Franchise”

  1. They sold over a million copies of Guerilla, and I would consider that selling well. Armageddon wasn’t very good… the developers knew that… and THQ continued to push it like a AAA game, and it sold like crap. How about supporting good games.

  2. That’s a big shame because I really liked Guerrilla, I’ve only seen the review and some random vids of Armageddon and that looks rubbish because they changed it from open World to a kind of linear thing and it shows in the sales that not many liked this change.

    I say let them learn from their mistakes so they can make another one, go on THQ make another one, just open World again =)

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