26 Aug

has revealed that the Halo 4-version of the Warthog, the series’ iconic all-terain vehicle, will be previewable in Forza 4. According to the report, the vehicle will not be available for races, but can be previewed through the ‘Autovista’ mode. In this mode, which utilizes Kinect, players can preview and explore all vehicles. While previewing the vehicle, Cortana will provide background information on the Warthog. According to Microsoft, the car will be a ‘well-hidden easter egg’. Some screenshots of the vehicle can be found after the jump.

2 thoughts on “Halo 4 Warthog to be Previewed in Forza 4”

  1. “According to Microsoft, the car will be a ‘well-hidden easter egg’.”
    Yea…not so much anymore.

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