04 Aug

That’s right! It’s time for another giveaway. This contest is actually courtesy of Paradox Interactive, so a huge “thank you” goes to them. We’re giving away copies of Pirates of Black Cove to the people who come up with our favorite pirate jokes or pirate pick up lines.

To enter into the contest, you can leave a comment either here or as a response to the YouTube video.

The copies are redeemable through Steam, so you don’t need to be a U.S. citizen to enter.

The contest ends on Monday, August 8 at 5PM Eastern. That gives everyone an entire weekend to think of a good pick up line… and some time to put a few into practice.

Good luck!

20 thoughts on “Pirates of Black Cove Giveaway!”

  1. I must be a pirate ’cause I want yarrrr booty :)
    That’s all I got, haha!
    Thanks again for the giveaway!

  2. Whats everrry pirate’s worst nightmare? A sunken chest with no booty!
    you gotta be a little perverted to figure this one out

  3. Ye know lass, the greatest treasure a pirate can find lies not bound in leather
    but in lace… Yarrr!

  4. Is that a mast in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

    Why are pirates so good at sailing? Because they Arrrrr

    Ho Wench, how’d you like to see me yard arm?

    There’s a reason why they call me Long John Silver

    You! Pants off now.

    Polly wants a cracker

    How would you like to raise my Jolly roger?

    I could go on for hours like this 😉

  5. My masts been raised, my cannon loaded, now prepare to be boarded

    That aint no Peg Leg

    Well blow me down? That’s why why my Rogers is so golly

    And one for the lady’s perspective
    I’ve crushed thirteen men’s skulls between me thighs, yarrrrrr wanna be fourteen

  6. One day, three Silly Pirates were stranded on an Island. They were walking along the shore when something Shiny washed up, they picked it up and rubbed it and a Genie popped out! ‘You each have one wish!’ says the Genie. The first pirate wishes for strength, flexes his muscles, and jumps into the water and swims to land. The second pirates wishes for speed, and jumps into the water and makes it to land in no time! The third pirate wishes to be smart, he then walks across the bridge.

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