09 Aug

The research team here at Elder-Geek (just imagine scientists in white coats randomly staring at liquid filled beakers and writing down data) has stumbled upon remnants of a journal from the Playstation Network Outage of 2011 and we have decided to release it to the public. They decoded what they could, but most of it was either too illegible or too damaged to decipher. These are the rest of the pages they found.



There you have it. One man’s story about how he coped with the Playstation Network outage. I think he may have overreacted a little.

One thought on “The Great Playstation Network Outage of 2011: One Man’s Story (Part 2)”

  1. Haha cool article and propbably SO many people did something like this which is quite… pathetic and paranoid haha “I think I’m finally going to be able to sleep” =P

    A bit off topic, “maybe I’ll play some co-op of portal 2 tomorrow…wait” I still haven’t done this, I had the PC version from a friend as a small birthday gift about 2 months ago (he’s got the PS3 version) but still haven’t played co-op together =/

    Always looking forward to the next Get off my lawn very much.

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