06 Aug

One of the rare times in which a pervasive rumor about Sony hardware has completely missed the ball. Despite speculation of an October release date in the UK and US, Sony boss Kaz Hirai announced that while the Playstation Vita will launch in Japan by the end of 2011, the rest of the world won’t see a launch until sometime in 2012.VG247 has since cited an official Sony blog as indication that a specific Westerm street date for the handheld will be unveiled at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

(via 1UP)

One thought on “Vita Not to See Western Release in 2011, Official Date to be Announced at TGS”

  1. Well they always said that they would only be able to release the system in one region, and Sony being a Japan based company, it is logical for them to release the system in that region first. Also, this just gives more time for developers to make games for the western launch of the system. Though it would be better to have a holiday release.

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