10 Sep

Beginning life as a rumor late last month, the hardware peripheral that gives the Nintendo 3DS a second analog pad has been confirmed. Gaming magazine Famitsu revealed the cradle attachment, which wraps around the 3DS unit and also comes equipped with an R2 shoulder button (but no L2 shoulder button). Nintendo has since confirmed the attachment to Edge magazine, but offered no statement on the release date or price for the unit, or the possibility that the peripheral’s placement on the device makes it cover up the wireless switch.

(via IndustryGamers)

Is a second analog pad something your 3DS gaming experience needed, EGs? Do you see enough third party developer support for the peripheral to make it a must buy for all players? Comment your thoughts!

2 thoughts on “2nd 3DS Analog Add-On Confirmed”

  1. Stupid design. This is a major design flaw in the 3DS and I said that from the first reveal of the system last year. Sony realized that they needed a second nub and they have it in Vita (also devs and gamers kept getting frustrated with the lack of a second nub for camera control).

    So far we know that a Monster Hunter title will use the new slide pad.

    With this announcement, this just makes me want to wait for the redesign that will come out in a year and a half. One I have very little money that I have to use for school, and two there will be a lot more games out by the time the redesign launches (I got my DS lite when it launched two years after the DS phat launch).

  2. Yeah, horrid design flaw. Now people have to deal with a bulky add-on.

    Maybe having the L2 would have been worth it, but since it’s not native games won’t be able to truly take advantage.

    I’m sure the 3DS redesign down the road will have the analog fixed at least.

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