10 Sep

Back in July, Activision filed an official complaint against the owner of www.modernwarfare3.com, a site which became known after the URL redirected traffic to rival shooter Battlefield 3‘s official front page. The specifics of the case were that the site’s owner, Anthony Abraham of Florida, had intentionally -and in bad faith – filed a “confusing similar” domain name of Activision’s trademark to which he had “no rights or legitimate interests” toward.

The National Arbitration Forum recently released its decision on the case, which favored Activision and cited the three components of the publisher’s argument as all being legitimately met. Control over the domain will be handed over to Activision, although no time table for the transaction was mentioned.

While this fight appears wrapped up, the same cannot be said for www.modernwarfare4.com, which is also owned by a party other than Activision – who also seems to be more of a Battlefield fan. According to 1UP, the party owning the domain recently said in an interview that, “We took this domain for opportunistic giggles. If Activision were in a position to buy this domain, I’d ask them for a donation to a charity of my choice. Probably Help for Heroes — you know, those guys that don’t get the ability to respawn when the timer hits zero…”

(via Fusible)