30 Sep

Part of what gave The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion its crucial next generation RPG feel upon release was its tactical world, realized down to a level then unseen in game design. Creating that depth included writing hundreds of pages of book excerpts and poetry that could be read in-game. If you ever doubted the magnitude of such an undertaking, we have someone you should meet.

Reddit user “notadoctoreither” has – by his own volition – compiled, transcribed, printed, and bound (in leather) the entire in-game texts present in Oblivion. Printed in full color and with a full index, the effort amounts to over 900 pages of material. While you won’t be getting your hands on this leather bound copy – short of reproducing the Herculean task yourself – a digital version of the compilation has been made available on Megaupload. Here’s hoping Bethesda’s legal division is distracted enough to let this one go unchallenged.

(via PC World)

Insanity? Or the next great level of fan appreciation? You decide, EGs, and post your opinions down below!

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