20 Oct
Official Artwork for The Binding of Isaac

Official Artwork for The Binding of Isaac

The Game Club goes Indie/Retro this week with The Binding of Isaac, a bold game from the makers of Super Meatboy and Gish. Join us as we dive into the game’s dark themes and punishing game-play.

Music Featured in this Episode:

Intro: In the Beginning… (No Voiceover)
Interlude: Divine Combat
End: The Binding of Isaac

All 3 Tracks are composed by Danny Baranowsky.
The Binding of Isaac Original Soundtrack is available for purchase from Bandcamp.


Don’t forget to vote for the game YOU want to play for the next Game Club. Next time we’re doing the Halloween theme with one of two classic Castlevania title: Super Castlevania 4 vs Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. The Poll is below and closes on Saturday 10/22 at 6:00 PM EST.  Vote on the game you’d like to play along with us and be sure to leave your thoughts on the winner before we record our next show on November 1st. Super Castlevania IV can be found on the Wii Shop Channel for 800 Wii points (or on your trusty SNES) and Symphony of the Night is available through Xbox Live (800MSP), PSN ($9.99) or for PSP through Castlevania Chronicles.


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8 thoughts on “Elder-Geek Game Club #9 – The Binding of Isaac”

  1. So at one point when we’re quickly talking about Super Meat Boy, Randy reminds me how that game won EG’s platformer of the year award over “Mario and Donkey Kong.” I said “That’s acceptable.” Listening again I just realized he meant Mario Galaxy 2. It’s not acceptable anymore. There is nothing better than Galaxy 2. Hahahaha. :)

    Also, I highly suspect Symphony will crush Super CV4, but that’s cool. I just want to play Castlevania.

      1. Whoa… WHOA! Too many statements in there for me that I just can’t wrap my head around it. I mean shit, I love Galaxy, but Galaxy 2 out classes it in every single way. And while I do love VVVVVV (like seriously, I think it’s pretty amazing) the Galaxy games some of the finest this gen has offered. They’re easily the best 3D platformers ever created anyway.

        But since I do love V, I’ll let you go for now. Haha.

        1. Lol, so much about Galaxy 2 I didn’t like. Not enough was new, and what was new (powerups, new map, stupid coin challenges) actually hurt it in my eyes. After beating it, I was disappointed that I have to go back to each level to collect coins. This doesn’t happen in games I really enjoy.

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