3 thoughts on “Raidmax Seiran Mid-Tower Case Review”

  1. Very nice looking case, just one thing that stands out to me right away though is there’s way too many cages for the hard drives etc, it’s just my preference though, alot of people do like to add a ridiculous amount of hard drives especially these days because games are getting bigger and bigger to install.

    If I was going to get a new case though I’d get that NZXT Phantom that was reviewed a little while ago, that’s was a lovely case and packed with cool features, a bit more expensive than this case though and I think the Phantom is a full tower.

    Good review, thanks.

  2. Full towers are preferable if you’re building something for gaming. This case had just enough room for everything I wanted to install. I think all the extra racks are just to make the front look symmetrical, ya know?

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