01 Dec

UPDATE: Sony has issued their own cost report for the Vita memory cards, which corrects Gamestop’s previous listing for the 8gb and 16gb models. The former will cost $25, and the latter $40. All other memory cards were listed correctly.

A couple of major stories concerning Sony’s upcoming Playstation Vita handheld have hit the newsstands this week. First up, Gamestop revealed the costs for each Vita memory card, and it’s more than a little pricey. These proprietary memory cards are often required to run the system’s more demanding games (like Uncharted: Golden Abyss); and come in 4gb ($30), 8gb ($45), 16gb ($70), and 32gb ($120). This puts the 8gb card at just slightly above the cost of a new game for the system ($40), and the 32gb at almost half the cost for the Wi-Fi model of the handheld itself ($250).

In less financially taxing news, the 4.0 Firmware Update that went live for the PS3 today brought with it the ability to copy and play data (games, music, movies, etc.) between itself and the Vita. It also allows for Vita data to be backed up on your PS3 hard drive, along with changes to privacy notifications that allow for users to specify their target audience for incoming and outgoing messages.

(via GamePro, Playstation Blog)

Does the news about memory card cost change your outlook on owning a Vita, EGs? Is the final cost worth it for PS3-Vita connectivity? Comment below!

2 thoughts on “UPDATE: Vita Memory Card Costs Revealed, PS3 4.0 Firmware Adds Vita Compatibility”

  1. Ridiculous prices for proprietary hardware. I understand that Sony wants to be the only supplier of the cards, but charging that much for 32gbs of effectively flash memory is absurd. Couple this with the news that the PSV won’t be able to play PS1 games at launch, and you wonder if Sony wants to sell a lot of units at launch, especially considering that half of the games already announced for launch will have to be saved to the memory card and not the game card.

    1. Hahaha, don’t be such a ‘misery guts’ =P

      I get what you mean but the prices don’t look that bad at all in my opinion and if you remember the memory stick duos of the old PSP, those were overpriced but came down in price and went up in size very quickly especially when other companies started making ’em too.

      They might not be JUST flash cards, might have a certain coding or something to them.

      And I read that PS1 games will be playable from day one, I don’t know how it works but I read it’s free aswell.

      I can’t wait for the Vita, just hope I can have one =)

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