12 Jan

We kick off 2012 talking about the Indie game Pitiri 1977, from ILikeSciFi Games… quite possibly the most polarizing title we’ve played so far.

Music Featured in this Episode:

Intro: A Lot of Heroes (Jurgen Brunner)
End: It Has to Start Somewhere (Jurgen Brunner)

The game for the next episode of the Game Club is Abobo’s Big Adventure, a free flash game. Please check it out, play along with us and be sure to leave your thoughts on the game before we record our next show on January 26th.

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4 thoughts on “Elder-Geek Game Club #15 – Pitiri 1977”

  1. I haven’t listen to the episode yet, so hopefully I don’t sound like too much of a raving lunatic during it.

    I wanted to touch on something I didn’t get to during the show, which is the gaming hour to price ratio. I think I made it sound like just because the game was an hour and a half that it was automatically not worth 10 dollars. I don’t mean for that at all. If a game is absolutely incredible and it’s an hour and a half, I’ll pay whatever the price is. Contra NES is one of my all time favorite games and it’s 20 minutes long. Heck I just played through Kirby’s Dreamland for the first time in ages and I basically beat the entire game while taking a shit, but it’s so well polished and fun that the length doesn’t matter (the game, not the shit).

    Just thought I should bring that up.

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